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(c) Cleuton Sampaio 2018


This is a basic programming course, but I assume that you already know algorithms and data structures, and also know some how to program using other programming languages, like: Java, Python, C etc.

If you don’t know programming fundamentals, then it would be better to look for a basic course.

I, as the course’s author, offer no guarantee that you will learn to program using Go, nor do I offer any type of certificate or diploma. However, if there is dedication and personal effort on your part, you may learn the basics of this language and may be able to create applications with it.


The course is divided into lessons. Follow them sequentially for better understanding. Some lessons offer challenges for you to solve, so I suggest that you try them. The answer is always placed in a subfolder answer.

  1. History and context;
  2. Datatypes, assignment, blocks;
  3. Code Modularity;
  4. Modularity: Structs;
  5. Interfaces;
  6. Base I/O;
  7. Packages;